Castle Rock Brewery Beer & Music Festival! 31st May – 3rd June

A picture from the beer yeti top beer festival review, Castle Rock brewery, NottinghamCastle Rock are celebrating 40 years of existence and so we are holding a beer and music festival in our brewery yard and old cold store. Expect 160+ beers, hand-picked by our beer experts (and customers) across cask, keg, can,  bottle and a wholehearted celebration of good beer whatever the dispense.

tle Rock brewery, Nottingham

There will also be live music each night, curated by one of Nottingham’s best independent live music venues (the Maze), local street food, a Family Fun Day (Saturday 11am-4pm) and WeCan will be at the festival so you can take your favourite beer(s) home in a can – they’ll be demonstrating how their canning line works. On top of this, our brewery tap the Vat & Fiddle will be flooding the bar with all things Castle Rock, and its Visitor Centre will host three separate local brewery tap takeovers on each night of the festival.

Beer List:


Anspach & Hobday: Seasalt & Chili Stout 6.9%
Arbor The Devil Made Me Brew It 5.5%
Boulevard: Tank 7 8.5%
BBno: 11|05 Session IPA Citra 4.2%
Buxton: Superluminal 7%
Burning Sky: Arise 4.4%
Castle Rock: Session IPA 4%
Castle Rock: Wheat 4.5%
Castle Rock: Sherwood Reserve 4.5%
Chorlton: Sour Blend Two 6.7%
Cismontane: Hop Dumpster 9%
Cloudwater: Seville Orange Sour 3.5%
DEYA: Steady Rolling Man 5.2%
Elusive/Siren: 2 Up Barley Wine 8.5%
Founders: Kentucky Breakfast Stout 12.4%
Hawkshead: IPA 7%
Kernel: India Pale Ale Galaxy Mosaic El Dorado 7.2%
Lost Industry: Golden Sour In A Moscow City Hotel Room 6.9%
Magic Rock: Demonali 7.2%
Marble: Indiana 7.4%
Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Passionfruit 3.7%
Omnipollo: Leon 6.5%
Pirate Life: IIPA 8.8%
Redchurch: Little One 3.8%
Siren: Yu Lu 3.6%
Summerwine: Hi-Ratio Nelson 4.9%
Thornbridge: Mango Halcyon IPA 7.4%
Tiny Rebel: Stay Puft 5.2%
Weird Beard: 5 o’clock Shadow 7%
WarPigs: Scarf Squad 5.5%
Wiper and True: Milk Shake Stout 5.6%


Abstract Jungle: Various (Vat & Fiddle tap takeover)
Almasty: Marathon Stout 5%
Arbor: Blue Sky Drinking 4.4%
Atom: Phobos & Deimos 7%
Black Iris: Various (Vat & Fiddle tap takeover)
Blackjack: Manderelma 6.1%
Castle Rock: Elsie Mo 4.7%
Castle Rock: Harvest Pale 3.8%
Castle Rock: Session IPA 4%
Castle Rock: Sherwood Reserve 4.5%
Castle Rock: Wheat 4.5%
Fallen: Platform C
Gyle 59: Halcyon Daze 5%
Hammerton: N1 4.1%
Hawkshead: Windermere Pale 3.5%
Magic Rock: Highwire 5.5%
Oakham: Blue Skies IPA 6%
Salopian: Lemon Dream 4.5%
Shiny: Happy People 4.2%
Thornbridge: Crackendale 5.2%
Tiny Rebel: Cwtch 4.6%
Totally Brewed: Various (Vat & Fiddle tap takeover)
Wild Beer: Millionaire 4.7%


Tickets are available here!

Also you can check out the event page on Facebook and the Castle Rock Brewery Facebook Page.

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