Our Christmas Pudding Recipe with Ale!

A picture of our cooking with beer recipe, christmas pudding with ale for Beer YetiiChristmas wouldn’t be Christmas with out the pudding, so we’ve put together our very own recipe using ALE of course! We used quite a darkish brew for this, but really you can use any decent ale…

300g currants
350g sultanas
350g raisins
1 apple
1 lemon
175g flour
½ teasp grated nutmeg
1 teasp mixed spice
1 teasp salt
350g lb shredded suet
350g  breadcrumbs
350g soft brown sugar
50g ground almonds
6 eggs
¼ pint ale or stout

1. Wash fruit, remove stalks dry well.

2. Peel and chop apple, grate lemon rind, squeeze and strain juice.

3. Sieve flour, spices, salt into bowl, add suet breadcrumbs and sugar, stir in fruit, almonds lemon rind and juice.

4. Beat eggs till frothy pour into rest of ingredients Mix all together.

5. Stir in stout.

6. Mixture should just drop from the spoon when shaken.

7. Grease basins, put a few currants on the bottom fill with mixture put on greaseproof paper and foil boil 6 – 8 hours and 3 hours on Christmas Day (or microwave for few minutes).