5 Awesome bar table games to play while enjoying your beer!

A picture from our top bar, craft beer games, including pool, billiards, snooker, shuffle, pinball, dartsBars are places where you can hang out with your friends, drink beer, talk and even make your own tournament in awesome table games. That is exactly why game tables are a great addition to most bars; because they offer something else to do, besides sitting and drinking. If you want to have fun with friends and drink great beer, you have to try these 5 game tables, because with games like these, you will forget all your problems and you will have much needed fun after a long day.

Air Hockey

Air hockey is one of the best table games you can play in a local bar. That feeling when you hear how air goes through the holes will make you forget about all your problems and for the next few minutes the only thing that matters is hitting the puck as hard as you can. After one match you won’t be able to stop until you spend all your money. Air hockey is not just good for customers, it is also great for bar owners because people who play this game stay longer in the bar and eventually become a regular.

Foosball table

The story with foosball table is actually pretty similar to the air hockey, but with one huge advantage – you can play it in 4. So, if you want to have fun with your friends, this is a great game for that. A very important thing every bar owner needs to know is that there are foosball tables which have cup holders. This means no beer on your foosball table!

Pool table

Pool is a completely different game type because the game is very slow and you have to focus. The goal of the game is very simple. It is necessary to put all your balls in the holes on the table before your opponent. The main rule is that you can only tap your balls with the stick and other rules depend on the player’s agreement. Also, keep in mind that one round can last for some time, which makes the game not so desirable for bar owners. But if you come with your friends to the bar to play pool, you will have more time to talk and drink beer.

A picture from our top bar, craft beer games, including pool, billiards, snooker, shuffle, pinball, darts
A picture from our top bar, craft beer games, including pool, billiards, snooker, shuffle, pinball, darts

Images sent to us by Tornado foosball table by Foosball Zone, courtesy of Unsplash.


Shuffleboard is a game in which players push metal or plastic pucks on a long wooden table. The reason why you will not find this game in a bar is that the table is about 6 meters long. The goal of this game is to get your puck in the area that brings a certain number of points. Each player gets four pucks in the same colour. This game is similar to billiards in game time and speed. I know, at first it sounds pretty complicated, so it is smart to play it the first few times with someone who knows what they are doing. That way you will certainly pick it up quickly.


Yes, darts is not a table game but it definitely deserves to be in this group because it is one of the most common games you can find in a bar. The game is very simple and more people can play it simultaneously. The main rule is that each player gets three arrows in one colour and the aim of the game is to hit the target. The closer you get to the centre of the target, the more points you win and if you score in the middle of the target you get the maximum number of points. The winner is the one who comes first to a certain number of points.

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