What is Beer Yeti?

BeerYeti is the number one place to go for over 100,000 craft beer enthusiasts nationwide every month. Described by Shortlist as one of “the UK’s most powerful and knowledgeable beer authorities,” BeerYeti is the one-stop website for discovering new amazing beer, breweries, festivals, recipes, pairings, and random beer-related stuff!

Meet the team!..

Helen Wilson

Hey! I’m Helen. I have a background in publishing and creative writing, I previously held a job on Edge magazine. I’ve worked in and around the beer industry for a few years now. I’ve travelled a fair bit and found myself immersed in the NZ craft beer culture for a spell, and that’s where I really found a passion for this social lubricant. I love a classic earthy Pilsner, but I couldn’t be without something sour and fruity – just mention the word ‘Foudres‘ and I’m there! When I’m not working around beer, I’ll usually be caught drinking it at home on my narrowboat or playing roller derby for my team, The Birmingham Blitz Dames

Chur, Bro!

Tim Jones

Founder of Beer Yeti Tim Jones

Hey, I’m Tim! I fell seriously in love with beer while travelling with my wife from the UK to the U.S back in 2013. Visiting some epic craft beer bars and beer festivals along the way, we discovered some amazing brews. This inspired me to create BeerYeti to share my passion while educating everyone on everything beer! The site was originally set up as ‘a bit of a laugh’, but this soon spiralled into something a little more serious!


Ryan Gilbert

Hey, I’m Ryan! I’ve always enjoyed craft drinks and spirits and have always been a big whisky drinker. It was at a whisky festival where I tried my first ever craft beer, a Founders KBS! After that I fell in love with imperial stouts and darker beers in general. Travelling around Europe and Asia really opened my eyes to the range of amazing beers out there, Poland in particular sticks out as an amazing destination for craft beer. When I’m not drinking craft beer you can usually find me with a whisky or tequila in hand!


Guest Writers

Ross Lang

Beer writer Ross LangBeer writer Ross Lang

Hey, I’m Ross. I fell in love with beer around 15 years ago when I started to work in the trade. I’m a huge advocate of Cask Beer, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love Craft Beer too! Barley Wine is my beer of choice but it’s pretty hard to spend a whole evening drinking it! I’m always either at the pub, the bottle shop where I work, on the lookout for new beers, or at beer festivals.


Victor Kling

Hey! I’m Victor. Ever since I fell in love with the beer industry, I’ve tried to unite my new passion with creative writing. Starting as an enthusiast, I ended up turning into a professional of the industry. I am a journalist, but also a beer sommelier. I’ve had the opportunity to work for a beer school and two different breweries. I have lived in Brazil, Uruguay and now I’m based in Munich, Germany.  I’m always sharing beer and travel experiences on my Instagram.


We’re always open to suggestions, so if you ever have any thoughts, brews or ideas!