What is Beer Yeti?

A picture from beer review site, and beer blog, Beer Yeti

BeerYeti.com is the one-stop website for discovering new amazing beer, breweries, festivals, recipes, pairings, and random beer-related stuff!

I’m sure that you are waiting to hear some kind of story about how it was such a struggle but we found a ‘gap’ in an already established market… The truth is that we didn’t.

We fell seriously in love with beer when we travelled from the UK to the U.S, visiting some amazing breweries and beer festivals along the way, while discovering some EPIC brews. This inspired us to create BeerYeti.com to share and educate everyone on everything beer! The site was originally set up for ‘a bit of fun’, but after discovering that we had got the attention of over 150,000 beer lovers, we came to the realisation that things might be getting a little more serious than first anticipated…

We’re always open to suggestions, so if you ever have any thoughts, brews or ideas, be sure to get in touch!

Basically, if it’s beer, it’s here!