World Beer Your Bottle Share’s New Best Friend: Craft Cups with Taylor Laabs

Your Bottle Share’s New Best Friend: Craft Cups with Taylor Laabs

Ever been to a craft beer party or bottle share and run out of proper glassware? Not only does it ruin the atmosphere but it also means that you have to revert to random odd glasses and even solo cups, limiting the beer experience. Now, there’s a new product set to fix that: Craft Cups.

Started earlier this year by co-founders Ryan Goldstein and Harrison Doyle, the goal of Craft Cups is a practical one: create a portable, recyclable, and stylish plastic cup that complements the craft beer experience. The idea came from a craft beer tasting Ryan was attending; with a large group and several different beers to try, proper glassware quickly became scarce, leading them to finish the tasting drinking 2-3oz pours out of their 20oz English pint glasses – limiting the drinking experience. Now, Craft Cups is here to change all of that.

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2]Picture from the Beer Yeti feature on Crafty Cups by Taylor Laabs[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″]Picture from the Beer Yeti feature on Crafty Cups by Taylor Laabs[/su_column][/su_row]

Craft Cups sent me a package of their cups so I could try them out for myself and I came away impressed with the simplicity of the idea and the execution of it. Craft Cups currently come in 6oz tasters and 16oz pint glasses, with the cups taking on the traditional tulip design, meaning it works perfectly for trying out an IPA. Luckily enough, I tried out both varieties drinking a Surly Abrasive Double IPA. The glasses are sleek and sturdy for a plastic glass, with the curvature at the top making for a perfect gripping point. The tulip design also helps with the aromatics as I drank Abrasive, which is so key when drinking hop-heavy beers.

Put simply, Ryan says that Craft Cups are their attempt to “let craft beer drinkers connect with their beers in the best way possible when glassware isn’t convenient or possible.” And it makes sense too. When you order an old-fashioned at the bar, you’d be shocked if it came out in a martini glass. The same applies to craft beer, where the proper drinking vessel is an important piece of the overall drinking experience. Without it, you potentially lose out on the pour, colour and aromatic aspects of the beer. It’s the perfect idea for a bottle share, a beach BBQ or party, and it’s a great conversation starter as well.

Interested in learning more and buying your own set, you can get more info on their website. Ryan also said that they have begun partnering with breweries and retail stores in Boston and Los Angeles, so give it a try if you’re close by. Cheers!

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