Beer Grey Trees Brewery – Caradog’s Bitter!

Grey Trees Brewery – Caradog’s Bitter!

Once again, we have been graced by another brew from Grey Trees Brewery in Aberdare, South Wales. This time it’s Caradog’s Bitter, which is at an exceptionally sessionable 3.9% and bottle conditioned too. Its name is a dedication to Griffith Rhys ‘Caradog’ Jones, a Welsh conductor, who led an epic 500-strong choir to victory at the Crystal Palace Challenge Cup; to match this fantastic little story, Caradog’s Bitter was awarded the CAMRA Gold Champion Beer of Wales in the Best Bitter Category 2017. Grey Trees use an epic range of ingredients: Crystal and Caragold malt, Challenger and Golding hops, but the real game changer they include in this brew is Welsh water and Grey Trees’ passion… So let’s check this brew out!!!

The Beer Yeti Grey Trees Brewery, Caradog's Bitter review

Appearance: Copper, with a slight reddish glow and a moderate head that leaves some lacing, which is fed by a few bubbles rising slowly to the surface.

Aroma: A rich red berry aroma, with a sweet, almost wine-like, boozy bouquet. Met by a touch of earthiness from the Goldings.

Flavour: Sweet malty caramel and a slight nuttiness, mellowed out by a dash of delicate elderflower and a crisp, dry finish.

A cracking Bitter, with plenty of depth for 3.9% and very refreshing at the same time! 🙂

Available to purchase on This is Beer, via the brewery shop, across Wales and from distributors across London, Bristol, Shropshire, Glasgow, Brighton, Portsmouth Hereford and the Midlands.

For more info, check out their Website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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