News Create your own beer with UBREW - Just £95 for two people!

Create your own beer with UBREW – Just £95 for two people!


2 x Adults hands-on brewing course

5 x Litres of each the beer you make to take home

6 x beers each to enjoy on the day

2 x Rare barrel-aged beers to take away

1 x Month UBREW membership to use anytime ( your own brewery at your disposal )

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Usually £95 each, UBREW are offering epic value, with a 2 for 1 brew course.

6 hours of immersive hands-on brewing experience for two adults. Learn to sparge, hop and finger pop from wise elders of the brew community.

Whether it’s your first time brewing, or you’re an experienced homebrewer who wants to take your game to the next level, this course will have you covered. You’ll learn on the same kit you’ll be brewing on during your membership, all the ins and outs, all the tips and tricks.

Sign up here!

UBREW brew your own beer, deal, discount for BeerYeti, brewery, brewing, home brew


Take home your tasty creation when it’s all ready. 5 whole litres of the beer you crafted each, and double the amount beers each to enjoy on the day (6 beers instead of the usual 3)

Learning about brewing beer while brewing it, drinking it and living it. Take home 2 extra rare barrel-aged beers especially produced for this offer.


For the first time ever, and only for BeerYeti viewers, we are offering a free one-month membership included with this offer.

All this for just £95, usually worth £190! Hone your skills and brew as many batches of your own beer as you like. It’s your own brewery. At UBREW, we firmly believe that beer is best brewed exactly the same way it’s best drank: with friends.

That’s why all of the memberships we sell are 5-person group memberships. So when you sign up for UBREW, four of your mates are signing up with you. You get unlimited access to one fermenter, and everything you need to fill it with lovely, lovely beer.


Offer available from November 28th to December 25th.

This certificate can be redeemed for any Saturday in our London Location. Courses are held every weekend.

Gift certificates are available should you want to be the best person ever and gift all this for the Christmas season ahead!

UBREW brew your own beer, deal, discount for BeerYeti, brewery, brewing, home brew


Sometimes the only pleasure greater than learning to brew is getting a friend or family member to learn to brew. Treat someone to this package with a printable or digital gift certificate.

Your lucky gift recipient will be able to choose the date to brew that suits them best. They’ll learn how to brew like a pro, get beers to drink on the day, as well as a case of 5 litres of beer that they brewed themselves once it’s ready to drink! Not to mention the membership. You’re giving someone a brewery as a gift. Awesome!

We typically get five-star reviews for these courses. Your certificate recipient will be get thrown right into the brew day – there is no sitting around watching someone else brew, he or she will be sparging malt, adding hops to the boil, and holding their breath while they pitch their beer.

Ideal for complete beginners or intermediate brewers who want to get a detailed breakdown of what it’s like to brew on a miniature version of the same kits the professionals use. Speaking of professional kits, they’ll be able to ogle our industrial scale kit while they craft their own beer.

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Hey, I’m Tim! I fell seriously in love with beer while travelling with my wife from the UK to the U.S back in 2013. Visiting some epic craft beer bars and beer festivals along the way, we discovered some amazing brews. This inspired me to create BeerYeti to share my passion while educating everyone on everything beer! The site was originally set up as ‘a bit of a laugh’, but this soon spiralled into something a little more serious!



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