Beer Check out the Seabirds Stainless Steel Pint!

Check out the Seabirds Stainless Steel Pint!

So with festival season in full swing, the rain has finally come and it wouldn’t be fun without some mud and rain right? But one thing that puts a REAL downer on the party is having to drink a decent beer in plastics! But when Seabirds sent us two of their Stainless Steel Pint cups, perfect for festivals, we were immediately WOWED!

Seabirds was set up by 3 women in Brighton who swim in the sea all year round. Seeing the benefits that the sea had on both their mental and physical health, they decided to set up a charity where the profits from their eco-friendly gifts go to sea swimmers and taking young people into the sea to boost their well being and confidence.

seabirds, stainless steel eco pint, perfect for holding your beer at festivals and picnicsWe poured decent brew into the pint. The feel of the pint was nice, light and the head of the brew retained really well. The rolled lip makes it really pleasant to drink out of, not like those rigid plastic cups can be! The pint also doesn’t deter from the flavour of the brew and it stays chilled throughout.

We LOVED it! It’s unbreakable, reusable and perfect for picnics, festivals and having a pint on the beach! SO GET YOURS NOW!

Tim Jones
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