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The Social Brew Collective

Six UK breweries have teamed up to create the ‘The Social Brew Collective‘. The collaborative includes three social enterprises and consists of Wild Beer Co, Tap Social Movement, Gipsy Hill Brewing, Ignition Brewing, Wild Card Brewery and Spotlight Brewing

Social enterprise breweries provide jobs for people who would normally find getting a job to be very difficult. The project which was set up by The Wild Beer Co’s Brewing Team Lead, Russell Sykes, aims to raise awareness of the incredible work done by these social enterprises within the brewing industry and how they change lives through the process of brewing great craft beer. 

The campaign will be creating three awesome beers, each brewed in collaboration with a different Social Enterprise brewery. Here’s the line-up;

Wild Beer Co x Tap Social Movement 

Gipsy Hill Brewing x Ignition Brewing 

Wild Card Brewery x Spotlight Brewing

The three collaboration beers will be released on Thursday, 5th December with a launch event at Kerb – Seven Dials Market, Covent Garden and pouring at each of the breweries’ taprooms on the same day.

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