World Beer Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. Releases “Revel Strong Ale”.

Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. Releases “Revel Strong Ale”.

Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. released Revel Strong Ale.  This is the first time the beer has been brewed and bottled by the company. It is available in 650mL bottles only.

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A picture of MT. Begbie DR Bart's Revel Strong Ale from Canada

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Revel Strong Ale is golden amber ale with big malt flavour and fruity sweetness. “It’s a very easy drinking beer considering it has an ABV of 8% and 25 IBU” says Bart Larson PHD, owner and head brewer at Mt Begbie Brewing Co.

This will be Mt Begbie Brewing Co’s second beer release in their “Heritage Series”, paying tribute to the century of beer making in Revelstoke BC. Classic styles, old school recipes and paper label designs similar to the labels of Revelstoke’s Enterprise Brewing 1897-1957.



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